Today was suddenly colder,and had a few rains.But the cold weather did not reduce folk's passion in celebrating Chrismas.The road,the underground,the shopping mall were full of people,even though this festival did not belong to Chinese.When you entered into a mall,you could see a picture that many people were shopping crazily.

I am so curious that why so much people were wealthy in this inflating period.The CPI,the estate price are raising year by year,but the society average wages do not raise fastly,many people are still struggling for live.On aon side,many rich people can afford expensive goods,on the other side,millions of poor people are in low living level.I'm so puzzled,is this situation only can be seen in China?

when we are enjoying our comfortable life,do we need to concern over the unfortuned people.What actiities we can do to help them. Maybe this will be our future responsibility.