Type : Studio
Release Date : 2003
Label : Adipocere
Country : France
Genre(s) : Dark Ambient

Necropsique Eros was born of the tortured souls of Olivier and Gilles in late 1993 in Reims, gathered to express through music room very minimalist and stripped, all the bitterness of life, with very introspective and recurring themes, such as Child, abortion, imprisonment, suicide and religion, declaimed by a narrative song, sounding serious and solemn. The duo first refuses the proposals of concerts, whereas its expression as truly intimate and confidential, just shared from time to time with some friends in a very closed circle.

Eros Necropsique是一个来自法国的黑暗交响哥特金属乐队。这张专听起来很严肃庄重。


La Fable Du Lisier