Moving on to

It's strange that 5 years had pass by so fast. 5 years in Shanghai. 5 years of growth and periods of stagnant decadent living. I curse the internet. I scorn the zebra crossings here which don't make sense. I marvel at the speed of change here in Shanghai.

I had also sorta THIONGLIZATION in the process. After all, when you are in Rome, Live like the Romans.

But strange enough, the discontent somehow become a liking for the country. And also great respect for the government, but distaste as the pyramid of authority breaks down to the lower ground field work. Many good bills cannot be brought forward due to the poor obedience from the bottom. Its a hard work and sadly, its back to the situation where many people close one eye till the lightning strucks down and kill the chickens for the monkeys

Movin on, I decided not to update this blog. I have move on to Haumau, a co-join effort with my brother who is residing in Singapore. Though most probably he will not write, and I will not too, its better tha nothing. Move on and click here, should you want to read on further dun meant anything ramblings.