if i want to say something, i know i must say it immediately, otherwise i will forget , and forget it thoroughly.

it is another proof that words are powerful. they can prevent or weaken the speed of  the lapse of memory.

why do we remember it? 
why do we love?
why should a thing be finished? and how could we finish it?
can we really finish it?

keeping asking questions is the direct result  after reading <the reader>
and  the only thing i can do is to calm down my  unrest heart.

what moved me deeply is the natural trembling body __responsed to the soul shake.
the shake born from there (the dark history of Jew , the concentration camp , Germany , the two lovers of different ages.
) to here ( nowadays , shanghai, a single room, and a woman without a dog)

all the waves are still rolling, washing. they are strong enough to clean something unusual___ the "incorrect , even illegal "love.

to tell it true or false is a joke .

lots of matter in life can't be judged by that.

what matters most is whether you are touched and whether it defeats the sleep and keeps you awake
keeps you murmuring to yourself  till  midnight even though there are  plenty of things waiting for you tomorrow.

so it deserved my time.

who cares so called T & F

the strength of words sharpens my insistance .

baby ___ i will tell you .  the book of you , i will never open it . 

because only uncompleted niceness  could be the best.