Well Ken is still not feeling well >.<

and Kaiser change his addreses and he don't have
internet access right now >.< so it's rare to see him online...

nah anyway I'm working on a pic that taking so freaking long
and there is still too many detials I want to add to it

I'll draw a pic for Usasa san I miss her
I really do miss her she didn't add a new comics page since like 8 months
>.< but she still updating her page more than me
Usasa-San I LOVE YOU 

Last night Game summery  Valladolid- Real Madrid 

-credits to valladolid. good effort from them *claps*.
- again a disallowed offside goal that wasn't offside >.<
- we so bad at defending corners? I thought our players are tall enough 
- please, Karim go back to this length of hair:


- Wafa (( from Mentalblocked ))

I never been tired and sick this long before it's affecting my work >.< ..