Thankfully this blog gives me spacetime continuum meddling abilities so I can pretend I posted that Thanksgiving post yesterday and that I am only 4 posts short of my November goal, instead of 5.  I wouldhave posted it yesterday but the world went all wiggly and my boss sent me to the hospital.

I took a nap at lunchtime yesterday, as I often do, setting an alarm for 2pm so I would be up in plenty of time for my 2:30 class.
I woke up at 3. Crap.
I couldn't believe it. I checked the clock again. Surely I'd just misread it.

I fumbled for my shoes and staggered from my bedroom. Something wasn't right. I felt weird. A terribly unpleasant kind of weird. By the time I made it to the office I was not only dizzy but breathing had become more difficult than I am used to.

I sat with my head on my desk but the dizziness wasn't supsiding. I moved to the couch. This was unusual enough to attract attention to my plight and soon Linn had gone to get Vicky (our boss) who, after questioning me, ordered me to go see a doctor. Coco, the designated translator for the foreign teachers, could not be found so Sarah and Linn were assigned to accompany me and we set off for the hospital that is around the corner from the school.

Sarah and Linn speak even less Chinese than I do so it was an entertaining expedition involving dictionaries, phone calls to Vicky, and lots of gesturing. We saw two doctors; I couldn't figure out if one was training the other or it was some sort of two-for-one deal. They each took my blood pressure and agreed that it was low. They asked what everybody had asked, had I eaten? (I had! I promise! I had a large lunch) One of the doctors kept feeling my forehead and looking at my tongue, as though he were going to see some change within a few minutes. Apparently they didn't find anything else wrong because the diagnosis was simply low blood pressure and I was sent to a different wing of the hospital to receive treatment intravenously. The whole affair took about 2 hours but I was feeling much better by the time we got back to school.