One Day I Make Love to You

by Freud Dan


One day I made love to you,

When I forgot bringing a Durex along.

We made a date for a second chance,

A special day promised to come soon.


The day came later than scheduled,

When I brought rose and a diamond.

You opened the door and not let me in,

You said thanks and he wore you the ring.


You cried on the line and made a new date,

The day came sooner than scheduled.

I was driven to tears and couldn’t make it,

On the bed marking your loving history.


One day I make love to you,

You spark on screens and pages.

Love is tender but violent amongst fingers,

Emotions echo to the insane moments.


We will die for a long time we can’t count,

Yet live for a shorter time than expected.

How about dating for a whole new love,

Abandoning the world beyond our reach.