There was a bad new in EURO football today.My favourate player Ronaldinho will be dumped by AC milan and will transfer back to Brazil.I am so upset to hear about that.Although he is no more excellent as before,I still want to watch him running at the field.But fortunely,I didn't miss his best period in Barca.

The world sometimes is impartial,he owned the football talent,but he didn't have diligence,that made himcouldn't keep a high level for a long time.He liked many other Brazil football stars.

After a few years,maybe fresh football fans even don't know who is Ronaldinho,and won't watch his match,but I will still remember him,his long hair,his smile,and his magic performance.I belong to his period.

Few days ago,I reviewed the match Barca vs Real in 05-06 season,In which Ronaldinho received applause from fans of rival Real.Only one man can do that.As long as he was here,anything could happen.