I recently got myself hosted. But I cannot remember which hosting did I use. Fret not, thats not the issues I want to talk to you about. Its about getting hosted, not me being hosted that is more interesting. Of course, even so, without telling you a little background of my site, its hard to begin further.

What I did was I look for the cheapest domain hosting service I can find, and end up paying USD12 annually. Its relatively cheap, but there is a downside to such a cheapo. My traffic bandwidth is rather small. Within one week, its over the limit. So when you look for a hosting service, look for one with good service, good bandwidth and great speed.

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Its not some kind of scam. There are reviews by satisfied people. You can read up more of them. You can get a free domain name as you sign up, with a loads of CPanel user friendly tools for you to tap upon to start up a great site. Besides that, you get a much better bandwidth. At a 2500 gb bandwidth(mine is only 5gb), and 2000+ templates for you to choose from, what more can go better?

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