Basically nothing much. We took a walk around my neighbourhood. Took some photographs along the way. Thats how I got blogging materials to upload recently.

We took a slow walk towards this Electronic Mall like 800 metres away from my home. Along the way Edgar took some photos. But those photos are his private collections and most probably won't be seen here. If you intrested in what he takes and what he does for a living, go google edgar su.

I will write up more about him later on. Feel an urge to publicise for him and his works. I hope he can slowly pick up his career as a photographer.

This is a house near by neighbourhood. It is of a Spanish Design. Basically it was a villa housing a foreigner long long time back before the war broke out between the GMD and CCP and Japanese Occupation came along. Later such house no longer house a family. Usually what happens is every room houses a family, so it became rather squater like.

Currently, some families own a whole villa. Eh don't play play, one such villas can go from 10 - 40 million RMB currently. Even a small room or apartments costs like 2-5 million RMB in the market now. What to do? With its current superb location in the city, a total unique and valuable historical background, such places confirm costs bombs right now. And few years from now, these places will be totally not affordable to the general public.

Edgar just coming out from a Tibetan Shop in my neighbourhood. I guess he went in to look at some of the phographs taken from Tibet. He wasn't really expecting the flash to go of from my KNN Canon. Zinch! Eh, although this camera is like digital dinosaur compared to those DSLRS in the market, but stll can shoot, still can photoshop, still can sharp sometimes. -.-