imageThe notion of getting a car in China is considered a signature towards a successful life. And how do the Chinese view this? The bigger the better. The only factor thats interesting is one can actually get a car, but may not mean that one will use it everyday. Cars usually end up in the garage or car parks and might only be used to fetch their old folks or a short tour outside the city in the sub urbs during weekends.

The two reasons  for not using cars daily in Shanghai by normal folks are:

1 Shanghai is a congested city full of vehicles on the road. Road Rage occur frequently. By the time you get to your destination, its as good as taking public transport.

2 Petrol consumption is high and expensive. Filling up full might costs 250-400RMB per fill. The average salary of Chinese who buys cars are 5k-10k.

The only good reason to owning a car in China is when you frequently need it to cross long distance to another area. Similarly, this should be the case for most of us now as petrol prices are raising everyday. We should all go eco-friendly and recycle. However, for a consumer world of ours, throwing away things and going for new toys is a common sight. So changing cars can frequently happen. If you are the type who prefer to save up and get a car of your desire at a lesser costs, a second hand car might be your choice. Especially if you are currently a college student.


This is my dream car. But getting a Hummer running in any Asian road will be a challenge. The monster will most probably end up corking up the two lanes in any Asian cities. But the huge sheer size of it is enough to intimidate any road rage from happening in China!


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