Some sentences

We've grown apart.

This sentense was took from Lightning's blog.
When we grew up,it's time to say goodbye.

Just like the picture I saw on Dawson's blog.

That picture was taked last summer when we still in Zhangzhou Campus.
We stood together and smiled brighter than sunshine.
But the picture is all in brown now, seems like the cruel time had taken all the colours away.

The title of the blog is
"Who will remember the days when we were young?"
(or maybe Who will remember the days of youth?I don't know exactly.)
As time goes by, will our beauties all crept away and we lose each other in wind?

I saw a sentense on a notebook in Yida Bookshop.
"You are always trying to change people as you wish.
But the reason to leave me actually is: I'm not myself anymore."

I read Jin Yong a lot recently.
And I love the sentence Li Wenxiu said
"These thing all are very very good,but I just simplely do not like."

It's so brilliant and so sad.