There was a boy, study in Yale Law School, and would be graduated as a doctor. One day, Chinese president gave a speech in Yale, and invited 100 Yale students and teachers to visit China. In the next year, the boy went to China among the 100. The yalers went Beijing, xian, shanghai, and at the last station shanghai, the boy talked to a journalist who followed their news from Beijing. He told she that he will stay in Beijing for 3 more months.

  In the next three months, the doctor would-be and the journalist often met, having dinner, watching opera. Suddenly, one day, the doctor found that there was something wrong with his visa, which meant he had to get back to America immediately without saying goodbye to the journalist in person. On his way to the airport, he called her. The journalist cried, she thought that she won’t have any chance to meet him again. He will always be the one over the ocean.   Two years later, the journalist got an E-mail from the doctor, he said that he decided to delay his lawyer life and will spend one year or two in China, shanghai.   While the doctor lived in shanghai less than a month, the journalist got a chance to do a report in shanghai. They met. On the road of a night shanghai, the doctor said to the journalist, holding her hand: you have beautiful face and passion eyes.... I know you like me the way you like shanghai. The journalist have told him that she liked shanghai as a lover, meeting occasionally, but Beijing was the one living with.   One is an American who is living in shanghai, for a while, and don’t know where his next station will be. One is a Chinese journalist working in Beijing, and next station will be in India. What more to expect?
But talk about future, who knows.