yesterday Ken send me an email I was like finally image
I start reading it ... it start like an explain  for mistake someone named Hiromi made
or something like that  and I was Like image I thought maybe he send it to me by mistake

but I continue reading 
it was long really long numbers and data and fact and fake facts 
and the problems and the related problems than suddenly change to feeling and !!!
at the end I fall sleep reading it.
thank God my lap top didn't fall from the bed.

and after I pray this morning the first thing I did 
was continue reading it 

Ken made no sense and the email made no sense and the time made 
no sense and his own feeling made no sense it just all made no sense >.<

I think he wanted to send something but make it long and random
and make fun of me image

cause I knew Ken is not afraid  of doors ...  >.<
or talk this long about  clouds ~ 

hope his wedding gift for me is better than your email I'll open it tomorrow 

nah .... what a headache