I will start off a project series dealing with Video Thieving soon. The whole concept is to grab videos of China Rock and Rock bands from the net and introduce to the world China's music scene. It is actually to give an idea to Singaporeans and those outside of China an idea what China rock and rock music is like. However, I will not be posting here.

I will be posting it here.

Haumau is a co-joined effort with my elder in which we try to keep track of what's going on in between out two world. I will be updating him of my life in China, as well as things I find interesting here happening in China that I would like the rest of the world to know.

Since, slowly, I will be moving off to Haumau and disappearing from here, I decided that the better way to do so is to actually give up posting something here and making something unique at the new site. This might be a hard for me because reviews writing has helped me made this site more popular the past few months. But the only way to stop and fade away this site is to let go bit by bit of posts.

If there are any readers who's always drop by this site frequently, I guess its time u change your bookmark to Haumau. Cheers.