imageHow do you do, My friends? How do you Q? 

If you are not sure what this is, the little cute fellow on the left is Tuzki, our little engineer from Motorola. He created the Motorola Q9H, a beauty in which we can break all walls and be a freeman forever. 

It all started off when he decide he need to MSN from anywhere. Hence the Q.
He needs to browse the Internet anywhere, anytime. Hence QQ.
He loves to use emoticons chats. QQQ.

With a Windows 6.0 installed, and a lovely Qwerty keyboard design for the bullish, its better than playing Tamogotchi, one click two clicks and you are on you way to MSN, Internet, Emails. No hassles, Lots of speed. 

Who says you need a PC, a laptop. Q9H lets you do what you need on mobile while you walk. Keep walking. For you can still do your office applications like Word, Excel while you're on the move. Tuzki loves to blog. You won't believe how easy it is with Q9H. Wifi click write send. Thats all it is. Photos? Armed with a 2MegaPixel lens, anything can be sharp. Cheeze. Upload. QQ!

Need Entertainment while you are in the forest trekking? Q9H and Tuzki lets you easily browse and upload you songs and movies. You won't need to hear the mosquito buzzes anymore.

Slim, elegant, what more can you ask for?

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I want the phone!