So remember that time I was going to go to Hong Kong by train all the way from Zibo and go to the LDS temple there and do some exploring and it was all going to be wonderful and magical and montage-worthy but then I got really really sick and instead spent the week at home hanging out with my cat? And then I had to get to Hong Kong anyway for my flight to Moscow even though I was sooo sick I didn't even want to think about traveling at all, let alone a jillion hours by trains so I flew there and spent the night in the tiniest hostel room ever and it was pretty much just a miserable experience?

Well this time I am going to Hong Kong for real! It's significantly easier now that I am only about a hundred miles away instead of like a thousand. And I didn't get as sick this time. Yes, I did get some sick but I don't even have a fever or anything so I'm pretty much good to go. Right?

I'm leaving right after work and will be there tonight!
And with any luck I'll have something to blog about next week. 
And by that, I guess I mean I'll have pictures to post. I already do have things to blog about they just tend to get trapped and tangled up in my head so I keep putting them off waiting for a day when I'll just be feeling super smart and witty and eloquent and the ideas will flow smoothly into fascinating blog posts. In the meantime, I use the much easier format of posting a picture and then explaining the picture. Or I just start typing like I did today and post whatever drivel comes out.