I picked up a sunny day and had a cup of tea,

I bought a bunch of flowers but no one accepted it.

I earned quite a bit of money and raised up a kid,

I made love to a girl and finally finally she left me.


It’s my choice told the deference between yes and no,

It’s fate in the dark bit her lips and arranged our trails.

It’s your love made who I am at the stage of life,

It’s me gave a shot at your heart like a hot bullet.


I had a rich father, his name is God,

I had a flirtatious sister, her name is Girl.

He fell in her eyes in a morning worship as love bloomed inside,

“Son, the silky tongue and sweet spring echoed till now.”


Everybody call me Baddy,

Everybody call me Bad Daddy,

Everybody call me Bad Boy,

Everybody messed up a trash.


Baddy Baddy Baddy Baddy,

Not bad memories tatooed on my body.

Baddy Baddy Baddy Baddy,

Craziest Baddy gotta marry the spiciest lady.