Last night,I went to a friend's home to watch football match together with a schoolmate.It's an enjoyable time that we chat in the dinner.I have few of friends really love and know a lot of football,so i have few chance to share this hobby with others in normal times.

Generally at this time,I would playfootball in the field,but my leg was injured previously whichmake me have to rest for a few while.Then I spent this time with my friends instead.

Unfortunely ,UK are suffering heavy snow,many matchs had to postpone,including Arsenal's,the most appealling match this evening.As a result,we only could watch the poorer matchs.The two games we watched were terribly dull,which made us sleepy.The second match,Blackburn vs West Ham,we only insisted finishing the first half,and then went back home respectively.

At the next weekend,maybe my legwill fully recover,and kicking football is my first choice,so regret to my friends that we would probably have fewer time to watch football together like this time in the future.