I went to Shanghaiist today and saw this clip. It was torturous to see the whole clip. A security guard in Wenzhou University, apparently, was clubbing a dog to death. The dog was basically defenseless as the attacker continue his brutal attack on the dog. Students were crying out and asking why the guard must hit the dog a couple of times, also shouting it is an offense to hit dogs.

Another clip, showing one man tried killing a dog with bricks. This guy even more fierce. He sibeh cool slowly, walk over and throw the brick over and over and the dog. The dog did try to retaliate, but too injured to do anything serious in protecting itself. Below is the clip:

In a large country like China, there's always the uncommon being seen in our daily life. But what shocked me most was when this was shown online, some netizens from China commented saying:

Basically mean something this in Singlish, "Hit more fierce a bit even better, the dog never cry hard enough, should nuahz the dog's leg and continue, like that tengz and yandao!"

Eh, you all don't start commenting so fast. We also got our canine killers in singapore.

Where has all the humility gone sia, my ah thiongs? o.O