above: this is a photograph of a longkang at my neighbourhood. 

Google is like longkang sia. They sucked my PR to 0 currently, just because I cannot use their services. They banned me from using their services because of my previous happy trigger clicking efforts some time back. At the period, I was just into the Advertisements thingy and did not realise self-clicking was a bastard choice.

In the end, i wisened up, but Google no more. It's really sad. I wish I can turn back time and prevent it from happening. My only was to choose to write reviews. I end up making some extra cash out of it. But currently, with zero PR, my writings are not coming in, meaning cannot by any means get my Nikon D80 from Ebay any soon.

I believe many bloggers are bitching about it currently. PPP created a Real Rank system. Hopefully this can solve the problem. But I am not really optimistic about it. Its gonna be a hard long road for me. But hey, I am used to it. I survived the hardest period in Shanghai with no money. Right now, I can have my meals easily. I learn to play around with ingredients as I cook. I learn to haggle for cheaper vegetables in the market. My Iron stomarch can settle with any food. So what's the worry?

My dream Nikon D80 of course!