Voting for the presentation topics

A selection of books recommended by a presenter on The Art of Finance for Startups

Sunday's Barcamp in Beijing attracted more people than expected. And according to the event's organizer, Raincity's Robert Scales, more Chinese are coming to the event compared to the last year in Shanghai. "We see a 40-60 ratio of local attendees versus foreigners this time. This is promising because we hope to spice up some local interests and topics."

For the next couple of days, I will share the series of presentation summaries.

Presentation on the Art of Finance: How to attract investment for a startup company:
- Don't draft up a detailed plan, speak your vision;

- Do a business plan for yourself, but don't give it to the venture capitalists. It is only to give the investors things to find fault with;

- The key for VC to invest in you is not so much how good your idea is. it is how much they like you as a person. If they like you, they will work your idea out with you;
- Successful entrepreneurs all end up doing something they didn't plan to do in the first place. That is why don't worry about business plan;

- Share your idea, don't worry about it might be stolen;

- If a venture capital doesn't look eager to invest in you. Don't waste time. Move on. There are 600 thousand VCs out there;

- Read the list of the books shown in the picture above, especially the second one from the bottom right: Influence, The psychology of persuasion. It is all about psychology;

More to come on Web 2.0...