Its really sad when you know your own blog does not really have a theme. What you blog is basically empty, no content, filled with rubbish, do not attract a consistent group of readers who will come back for more. However, disturbingly, a couple of googling efforts end up on my site:

keywords like : gay, chinese gay, karimun, tanjung balai girls, tanjung balai
do end up on my blog sometimes. but sorry guys, this is not a gay blog, maybe information on gay culture in china, but minimal. And no sorry, I did a post on Karimun, but no sex information for you on how to go to batam, how much will it cost, whether the girls are great a not. Please take note that those poor girls in batam might be child prostitutes even, or illegally trafficed over so you can pull out your wank over the weekend. Please be nice. Stop your actions. Or at least, don't go find underaged girls, you hornies!

and also, just use don't use so I will end up knowing where you are from.

Occasionally, nice links back to my blog come from keywords such as:
cultural heritage, intangible heritage, archaeology, 

despite the fact that there are not many related post, and by right and not left, I should be posting more on such issues.

There are also people out there who like tattoos, so they end up seeing my tattoo here and here.

Of course there are also people who search to find information in regard to China, it social issues. One favourite search is coal mine workers

So thats about it. Thanks for googling! No sex, no gay, sorry to disappoint you!