imageThis is not a PAP logo, just a logo I happened to see on my neighbourhood, imprinted on a lamp post.

There is something going recently, or at least weeks back that got me troubled. Its about Singapore, about China, about the futures of Singapore, and what our Lao Lee, Mr Lee Kuan Yew said.

Do you believe that our mindset as Singaporeans is stucked up? Do you believe that we feel we are on the top of the world? Despite the fact that most of us are struggling ever for the More money, much better syndrome, despite we know we should start looking ahead to our futures as not stable and know yes, as Singaporeans, we should not be too comfortable in our world like a frog in a well, we still think we are the best, Singapore is comfortable and all.

Lee said this recently. About the fact we need not worry for the next five years, as there is the IR be built in Sentosa, we will be attracting the investments and attention needed globally, about the fact that in Asia, we might face another ups and down crisis again in the coming years. What makes me sad in general is what he said in the end. That we should stand up ourselves and not depend on him and his decisions anymore. Something about his saying, 5 years okay, but 10 years from now, don't come to me for directions, for 10 years from now, either I am dead.. or on some wheel chair and cannot really fuction and decide for Singapore. Does he mean Small Lee, Lee Hsien Long in general, or does he mean generally as Singaporeans as a whole? It's rather disturbing to us Singaporeans.

Singaporeans think that they always don't have freedom to decide. PAP is always in control. There is no political freedom. However, do most Singaporeans feel comfortable in getting out of the well, and see whethe frogs can make love to create better looking frogs outside the well? I dare say most Singaporeans do not dare to venture out. Most of us would prefer to choose to remain in the well and complain, and feel comfortable in the well, and let anything to be decided outside the well by our superb government, PAP. Look, its not how restrictive our government is, its what we as a whole Singaporeans are restricting ourselves with. You change first, don't wait for the garment to change you. Or rather, SPOON FED.

Lao Lee also said something about the fact that yes Singapore can do good and make good decisions. But in consideration to the Super Power China race, Lao admitted that anything Singapore can do good, Panda China can do even better. For those Singaporeans out there who think China is way lay back and still a country bumpkin, let's look at another picture. Supposely, yes, China is a bumpkin, but China is a bumpkin that attract all the foreign investments in, it has become a super manufacturing power. In Dalian, like India, it has attracted foreign outsourcing to be carried out there. There's plenty of highly skilled workers in Dalian meeting the demands of the Knowledge Management empire globally. Never seen Dalian? Its a superb modern city that  attracts not just bumpkins, but all powers to it like a magnet.

At least Bumpkins do more than follow the steps of their leaders. CCP gave them directions. And Bumpkins marches out in an army as a whole, driven for success and glory. Follow and at the same time, they improved their livelihood dramatically. Tell you something, most of them earn more than your local Hainanese Chicken Rice Food Stall Vendors now, some of them even richer than the public listed companies' CEOs. Frogs, all you get to eat is only a small picture of what farmers are doing now!

So Singaporeans out there, if you think China is no good, you're wrong. Look at the Chinese in Singapore. Contact Singapore is finding every means to attract foreign talants into our little Island. With the chinglish and weird patterns and habits that seem so Ah-thiongs to us all, they are slowly growing many many and taking up jobs in Singapore. You might feel they are bumpkins, but they are way far more intellectuals than us frogs. In the end, hungry bumpkins might eat up frogs in the well, a metaphor's speaking.