You know you are a stranger in a place when you had a picture taken like this:

or when you took a picture like this:

Or worse, when you were rushing for a meeting but only to find that you didn't have enough coins to buy a subway ticket from the machine. It didn't accept your 20 dollar note or your pile of one cents. You asked everyone passing by you to exchange the 20 dollar into smaller bills and a guy just gave you two dollar coins. You didn't quite know whether to feel relieved or totally embarrassed... or, should I have asked him for the phone number? (I mean to pay the money back)

Or even worse than that, you could get off at a wrong stop on a long-distance bus and found out you were in a different town than your friend's home. You waited sitting in a corner of a hallway at ten o'clock at night in a random place on earth for your friend to come to pick you up driving up from another town. You didn't quite know whether to feel adventurous or pathetic.

But, I had a great trip!!! And hope you laughed...