I felt very upset today, after discussing with a professor who had worked for UN about the environmental and educational problems in mainland China.

All these things seems are getting worse.
The air condition in Beijing are geting worse though she had moved most of the pollution plants to other provinces.
Nowadays we can hardly see the blues sky and to breath the fresh air is not more than a dream.
He said some Europe country are plan to refuse to take part in Beijing Olympics because they can not run a risk of the athletes' healthy.
But we have to live here, breath the air and drink the water everyday.

And the so-called universities and cram schools.
Maybe our culture not used to encourage people to innovate.
Nomally we think ones who had studied abroad are more reliable.
What is the problem?
We even do not trust the system of our own!!!

No wander there are so many people who want to go abroad.
But we can go nowhere.

I remember a song by Paul Simon and Garfunkel:
"A man gets tied up to the ground
He gives the world its saddest sound
It's saddest sound "

Herbet said: I hope you feel not only sad but also angry. It's the only way to save your country.
But what can we change?
There are so many problems that disappointting us and so little things that we can do.
We even are not allowed to talk about all these things in our own country.
We are dare not to change and even not willing to change. ~~~

I almost surrender.
Surrender everything.

We all are waitting for the judgement day.
And maybe it's not too far.