One thing after spending 4 years here in Shanghai, I realise there is a typical Shanghainese youth syndrome in which I can never indulge myself in. Guess what is it? Spend like there's no tomorrow.

Shanghainese youths have a tendency to spend whatever they have. How so? For many, they choose to live a life in which everyone looks at the with admiration, having the best Nike shoes, wearing the most cool looking coat for winter, or indulging themselves in some cracked I-Phone found in the market. At the of the day, one must always look good, feel good, so people will marvel at them. Such delusion of grandeur always masquerade the fact that many of them are broke, and just looking like some porcerlain vase selling for 10,000 dollars, not knowing this vases are broken or cracked and repaired skillfully

Of course, if the notion of getting a Loan is available to them, they most probably whack themselves for it. A Personal Loan, will most probably ensure they can live in delusion of grandeur for a longer period of time. What amazes me, is that, they don't really worry about money issues that much. Either the fact that their family can afford such luxury in living, or its a Shanghai air of culture.

Of course, for those who had worked themselves up into a higher level, some will try to get a car. Those who always try to save money will try to get a QQ. For many, a good to show off cheap car will be a Hyundai Tuscani. Car Loansare usually a choice, but for many they will choose rather to get the easy way out: taking the cash out from parents who can afford it through certain promises of good will.

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As for Shanghainese, statistics have shown they have better control of their credits. most will know the full functionality of their credits. They will never get themselves into trouble, no matter how much they love to feel good, look good and always be on top. Financial safety I say, Shanghainese!