I haven't used Ycool in so long that I've forgotten the password. I decided last night that I would update this blog, but after waiting several hours for Ycool to send me a password reset link, I got restless and started looking at alternate blog hosting platforms.

My first thought was of Tumblr, which I had previously considered using to introduce new release Chinese films using an format similar to this. But, I feel a bit old for fanboy blogging and to be honest, I don't watch that many Chinese films.

Sina, Sohu, Blogger, WordPress...I want a host that isn't likely to censor my posts and will allow me to continue using the same subdomain as this blog. Still being something of a bridge blogger, I started looking at Korean blog host platforms. Nate, owned by the massive SK Telecom conglomerate, was the first option I looked at. Nate not only does blogs, but operates its own instant messaging client, NateOn, which comes in English but not if you are a Mac.

Or so I thought, until I downloaded the install package and was immediately served with an English-language interface.


From there, I got distracted and ended up reading about Korean P2P networks, Pruna and Soribada.

and Naver have the most to offer in terms of blogging and all other integrated web 2.0/social networking/microblogging resources, and there's even a Chinese-language CyWorld, but without English-language service both are likely to be more difficult to get into and the former brings you back to Nate (although maybe…). I also rejoined FB this month after offing myself there in 2008, so, looking at basic blog hosts, I found


By now you might have guessed that Ycool eventually sent me a way to regain access to this blog. They did, but only after I sent a second password recovery request just now, and it's single-use only so without my original password I'm going to have to re-request a temporary pass every time I want to post. Quirky, but not ideal.

Last year, I spent a few minutes exploring non-English blog host platforms, and I remember thinking about joining Jeeran then. It looks like I'll be going with one of the above options, though, but if I pick up a few words of Korean in the process I can always sign up and see if there's an Arabic text editor that will let me write naeroK. I'll let you know when I pick a new home.

Oh right, last night's post. I just wanted to post this chunk of what catches this literary magazine submissions screener's eye WRT poetry:

I like to see concrete detail in quantities appropriate to the poem—a sense that everything happening isn’t all in the poet’s head, or that said head isn’t lodged anywhere that precludes him or her from observing the specifics of the world outside the head. I like oddball subject matter. A poem containing a mechanical clothes-presser, or a moray eel, or an outhouse, may not be so much better by that than the one with a dove or a dead dog, but surprise is generally one quality of the best poems, and it’s a lot easier to get there with a leech farm than by trying to say something entirely new about love qua love. I like some attention to sound—if I can’t tell why the line breaks are where they are, or find any internal rhymes or slant-rhymes or loose rhythm, so much the worse. I like poems that wring language a little, make it strain and work…but not to the point where it’s wrung dry, where the phrasing is so “original” that no one can tell to what it literally refers. And I like a poem that’s willing to shout, to make outrageous claims, to make a fool of itself and dance around and show its underwear: so many poems are so cautious, so muted, so minor in key. Some poems’ goals seem so…small.

A final note, I chose Ycool back in 2007 because I somehow got the impression that it was precisely the most liberal Chinese blog service platform at the time, meaning its staff were the laziest when it came to enforcing the limits of speech imposed on them from above. When I logged in earlier and clicked Add New Post, I was redirected to the below message before being allowed to open the page I wanted:


歪酷博客请用户严守用户协议, 不刊载不转载不健康文字图片, 不链接不健康网站


请永远记住, 除非您不公开网志, 否则即便您没有告诉别人您的Blog, 总有一天别人会看到的. 因此请慎重考虑是否使用真名描述您的朋友们, 几乎所有人都因为写Blog而开罪过某些朋友, 甚至遇到麻烦.为了保证您辛苦撰写的网志成功提交, 不会因为网络原因, 您计算机系统的不稳定等其他众多原因而丢失. 我们强烈建议您在提交之前, 手工将其暂时复制(CRTL+C)粘贴(CTRL+V)到一记事本或其他的编辑器中以备万一.请注意遵守中华人民共和国法律法规, 如威胁到本站生存, 将依法向有关部门报告,同时本站的相关记录可能成为对您不利的证据.