Today,one of my schoolmate came to Guangzhou from Shenzhen,we met for lunch at Mcdonald.Heis the same as me,he is now seeking for a new job.We talked a lot about his interviews in many companies.These are good informations for me.I think I must start to write a resume soon,I found that my previous resume was not smart,which could not appeal to HR.And then,review my previous job content and learn the excel skills by myself are also important.Especially,practising my spoken English must keep doing everyday.So it can be seen that I will be busier than previous time when I prepareed for the TOEIC exam.Oh,also,don't forget to do reading.I think everything will be better,be more confident by myself.

Tmomrrow is a traditional festival,I had call Dad to eat outside,the whole family hasn't been together for a long time.
also,tonight I conserve some books including excel,economy on Amazon.The website recently do a big sale.Although my stock id reduce day by day,this cost can't be trimmed.